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A dryer fire can start very readily, but the good news is that it is very easy to block. As long as there is extreme airflow, the dryer will not overheat and the danger will not be present. Residents and business owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their dryer operates safely and efficiently by scheduling a dryer vent examination and service by our company. Dryer lint is extremely flaming and all it takes is a small spark from inside the dryer to fire it. Since a dryer fire typically starts inside the wall, it can cause major damage before it becomes noteworthy. Once it gets going, it can entirely demolish a home or building within minutes.

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimation that 15,500 fires associated with clothes dryers occurs annually. These fires account for an average of 10 deaths and 310 injuries and more than $84.4 million in possession damage yearly.
If your dryer is not drying apparel like it used to or should be, you may not need a new dryer.  A dryer vent exhaust clogged with lint decrease air flow, causing dryers to dangerously overheat and increases drying times, so wasting energy that costs you money. A full load of wet apparel contains about one half gallon of water.

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If you predestine a large amount of lint gathering on the hood or around the vent, you may need to think cleaning the entire exhaust vent and the ductwork.  There are other score you may observation that reference you need to engage in clothes dryer vent cleaning. If the clothes take too long to dry or the dryer is extremely hot when it runs these are strong indications that proper airflow is not being achieved.


Dryer duct Cleaning is an easy solution to many issues.  Most homeowners fail to insert cleaning dryer vents on their list of yearly. The most disregard side of your dryer in the dryer exhaust vent system. We have seen a number of machines with burnt out heating elements from a clogged dryer vent. Our staff will pull the dryer out, vacuum the dryer exhaust shoot and run flexible hose up the wall until it exits. If your dryer vent exit is through the roof, we will climb the roof to check the lint removal and to look for other blockages like birds nests in the cap. Everything will be put back into place and checked.

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